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Need Help With Cars Comparing To Hyundai Tiburon?

Im looking for a car to get that is much like the Hyundai Tiburon, MItsubishi Eclipse, etc. a 4 seater that has a nice body like the eclipse and tiburon. and in an '02 - '05 model thats usually under 20,000.

NOTE:Im not actually looking for a car that someones selling just cars to compare with them.Need Help With Cars Comparing To Hyundai Tiburon?
Honda Civic Si, Acura RSX, Dodge Neon SRT-4, Nissan Sentra SE-R, and Toyota Celica.Need Help With Cars Comparing To Hyundai Tiburon?
Toyota Celica would probably be closest.

Why are American cars so awful to drive compared to euro cars?

road holding, handling reliability, is so abysmal, compared to euro cars.Why are American cars so awful to drive compared to euro cars?
You think "euro cars" are reliable? Are you serious? I would take a Ford over a VW/Audi any day of the week.

If you don't believe me do some research online, VW's suck, and ever other euro car is grossly overpriced.
Different driving conditions require different cars.

How many places in the UK or Europe can you drive 3000 miles at 60-70 miles per hour without ever slowing down for a stop sign or driving on city streets? Our highways are big, wide and made for big comfortable cars that can go fast for long distances. That's the kind of driving most American cars were designed for.

We don't have the crappy little narrow roadways and tiny city streets here like they do in the UK and we don't need that kind of car.

I have owned German, Swedish, British and Japanese cars. I'll keep my big, comfortable and fast Cadillac. Thank you very much.Why are American cars so awful to drive compared to euro cars?
Different road conditions, different driving priorities. One persons awful is another persons excellent.

The U.S. for example is full of long straight super highways. You don't need or want a sleek little sports car for that.

The massive growth of Britain's sports car industry post-war was due almost entirely to the presenct of hundreds of disused military airfields scattered all over the country that made for great racetracks. Go ahead and look at some satelite images of southern England in particular on Google. You can't go more than a mile or two without seeing the remains of a WW2 airfield in many areas even today.

The U.S. didn't have that.

In continental Europe the narrow streets of ancient cities favored small cars which tend to handle better than large cars. Again, America doesn't have that.

But to be fair, Europe has no shortage of crappy handling cars.
It is all a matter of taste, some people think snails are a treat! But for most Americans snails are something to learn to eat only when lost in the woods and sleeping in hollow stumps of trees.

I for one don't like German or Italian car handling, nor the ride. I was not too crazy about the British counter parts either.

As for reliability, find a different continent to compare US cars to if that is the issue. About the only country that can build cars to stand up to the US driver are Australian car makers. US car drivers take those pansy mobiles from Europe and grind them down to nothing in less the 60000 miles.

Just take a look at how the cost for repairs escalates on the cars you praise, but at 60000 miles a US made car is just entering its prime.

Keep the Euro junk!Why are American cars so awful to drive compared to euro cars?
You're comparing apples to oranges..

Are you saying an Isetta bubble car outperforms a 2011 Dodge Charger? Or, an Aston Martin DB5 outperforms a Nash Rambler?Of Course, They do.....

Both Euro and US have made Excellent cars, and, c***. If you Pay top dollar, you'll get the best. Wanna pay 1.25 million for a Bentley just for that few tenth-seconds of quarter mile and Slightly better handling? If you do, you wouldn't be on this forum.

Besides, my Citation handles Great; it got kudos for That, at least. Cheap bodies, though.
Ha ha ha ha......

Strap you butt into a new Vette and enjoy the upgrade!

Can't compare a sedan to a sports car.

Would you like a show about cars?

My friend says he is going to start a show mainly about cars, he is going to be comparing cars and doing car stunts and what not. He wants to race a 250cc Shifter Kart, and a lotus and a ducati and see wich of 3 cars are best against police carsWould you like a show about cars?
There are tons of shows about cars out there. Bull Run, Two Guy's Garage, Truck You, Chop Cut Rebuild, Pimp My Ride, Pinks All Out, Supercars Exposed, there's a show for everyone so adding any more would be borderline pointless. If people want to do comparisons they usually go to

And I'm guessing your friend is 12Would you like a show about cars?
Sorry, but we already have Top Gear. Interestingly you have to be 16 to race in SCCA Spec Miata and 18 for NASA Spec Miata and 15 years old for Formula BMW also it should be pointed out that there is no Formula BMW in the U.S.anymore. So either this friend is a liar or you made him up.

Please compare these cars. Which is best?

Chevy Cruze, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid. im looking for fuel efficiency, safety, performance, and reliability.Please compare these cars. Which is best?
Probably the Chevy Cruze. It is a new design that is getting good reviews but it's reliability is still unknown. Hybrids are not economical. Because of their high cost the payback period is 8-10 years and that's only if you use them primarily for city driving. On the highway hybrids usually get the same or worse mileage than their conventional counterparts because on the highway they run on gasoline.Please compare these cars. Which is best?
Chevy Cruze, hands down. Hybrids aren't all they are cracked out to be. The Chevy Cruze is a fast, ballsy and reliable vehcile, excellent warranty and lots of features for the money. Best in class safety and performance, and once you drive one, you'll understand what I'm talking about. They are getting excellent reviews right now as well. (Check out compare these cars. Which is best?
Honda Civic Hybrid: Best looking, most efficient, environmentally it also has a very high performance rate and is quite reliable.
The Fusion would be the safest. The Civic would be the most fuel efficient. The Cruze would be the forgettable one.

I'd get a Subaru instead.
  • yamaha atv
  • What are some disadvantages and advantages of hybrid cars compared to gas powered cars?

    The hybrid car is stop gap solution to make rich North Americans think they are improving the environment.

    Hybrid cars are expensive to build and expensive to buy, not particularly economical because they spend much of their time running on their underpowered petrol engine, its now possible to buy cheaper petrol or diesel cars that are more economical and cleaner.

    In my opinion the car manufacturers are starting to back pedal away from Toyota type of hybrid cars and the only car maker on the right track is General Motors with a hybrid car where the engine is used to drive a generator which charges batteries which in turn drive the wheels and there is no direct link between the engine and the wheels.What are some disadvantages and advantages of hybrid cars compared to gas powered cars?
    hybrids combine the best of both. fuel economy plus efficency. speed, cheaper on fuel, or free if solar or water. transport, yet safe for the environment. disaDvantages, expensive 2 buy, some dont look as nice, bad weather may affect u.What are some disadvantages and advantages of hybrid cars compared to gas powered cars?
    Hybrids are for the idiots that believe the government are telling the truth when it comes to global warming/carbon footprint. They are there just to make a statement and look good to their so called green friends.

    As in 'gas' do you mean LPG or petrol?

    Anyone else that enjoys driving buys a decent petrol or diesel car.What are some disadvantages and advantages of hybrid cars compared to gas powered cars?
    No advantage, more expensive, higher maintenance costs. uses batteries when driving in town slowly, there petrol engines are not very economical.. Not good for environment as manufacture and disposal of batteries is not a green process.

    Is braking distance in ABS equipped cars is more as compared to cars without ABS?

    Is braking distance in ABS equipped cars is more as compared to cars without ABS, considering that cars are same and all the four wheels have disc brakes?Is braking distance in ABS equipped cars is more as compared to cars without ABS?
    abs helps you stop faster and keep the wheels from locking up
    ABS gives you the "safest, controlled stop". It does not promise to give you the fastest stop. By controlling the slip at each wheel independently (for 4 wheel ABS systems), you will maintain the ability to steer and control the vehicle. - Slip Control Engineer

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    Is braking distance in ABS equipped cars is more as compared to cars without ABS?
    An ABS unit prevents the locking of wheels and thus the skidding of the vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed hard at high speeds, the wheels get locked. Since infinite retardation is not possible as per the laws of physics, the vehicle keeps on moving i.e. skids out of control. An ABS unit thus prevents skidding by reducing the brake force and keeping it at an optimum level. The braking distances are more or less the same on dry surfaces but ABS is much more effective on slippery surfaces where the wheels tend to lock early.
    I had a friend that operated a high performance driving school. He told me that a good professional driver can actually stop a car in less distance with standard brakes. The operative words are "good professional". He went on to say ABS made every driver a reasonably good professional driver when you are considering braking ability.

    My main concern with ABS is what is going to happen when these cars start aging and the system fails. It does fail to a standard brake mode, I'll give you that much. The problem I see is after a number of years folks will forget how to modulate their brakes manually. I see a lot of skids and collisions resulting. For those of you who doubt these failures will occur, I offer my vehicles as proof. The family has three vehicles equipped with ABS, two of the systems are working fine. The one on the 1/2 ton Dodge pickup has failed...

    I guess I am old fashioned but I still prefer manual brakes (disk on all four corners are great). I don't even like power assisted brakes.Is braking distance in ABS equipped cars is more as compared to cars without ABS?
    abs has a shorter stopping distace and much straigher and keeps wheeels from locking up to give more control over the car
    several answers partially correct - stopping distance is not the end all statistic. the fact is that anti-lock brakes not only prevent skids and modulate the brake pedal at a higher frequency but if you have to stop and don;t have enough distance YOU CAN STILL STEER THE CAR and avoid the collision by steering the car away from the other vehicle or object while losing speed
    In a straight-line situation on a dry road, braking distances with or without ABS are similar. ABS might be a few feet shorter.

    Where ABS really shines is on wet, icy or split conditions as it allows you to maximize braking effort for the conditions and maintain directional (steering) control.

    I won't own a vehicle without ABS.
    ABS only means the brakes will not lock up, causing the tires to skid, so theoretically ABS brakes let you stop sooner, in less distance. In actuality, it makes no difference, all things being equal
    ABS(anti-blocking system) helps you stop faster, usually. If things aren't properly calibrated, though, you'll see better performance from a standard non-ABS system. Slow down a little, and you won't use your brakes so much...
    A previous answer hit the nail on the head. I am a brake engineer and can verify that ABS will not make a significant difference in stopping distance on dry pavement. Unless your tires are very worn, in which case you will reach wheel lock prematurely and the ABS will fire, allowing you to steer during the braking maneuver.

    On wet or icy conditions, ABS will significantly help your stopping distance and ability to steer during the maneuver. If your wheels were to "lock" during braking, you would slide uncontrollably and have possibly catastrophic problems.

    How can you people stand to drive new cars?

    I have a 2010 model year car and its cramped, ugly, badly made, and soulless. I don't know how dealers can sell cars anymore. Their plastic uninspired interiors and awkward boxy appearances are nothing compared to cars of old. I miss my 1964 Cadillac. I enjoy my 59 Cadillac though.How can you people stand to drive new cars?
    Regardless of what factless 'knowledge' you are ranting about, cars today are made better than they have ever been made in the history of the automobile.

    Today's vehicles are the 10 times safer and 20 times more reliable than vehicles made 50 years ago.

    Sure, there is a tradeoff because they are more complex, but saying they are soulless, ugly, etc. is merely your personal rant.

    If you thought your car was cramped, ugly, badly made and soulless and you STILL bought it, then who, really, is the fool?
    quit going to GM and ford.

    for the same money, you can get a much nicer, more efficient japanese import. at first i was all american made, blah blah, but when i got my first honda, idk why anyone would buy an ugly american car these days. sorry.

    btw, i'm a honda guy so don't bring up that toyota crap cuz i'm not gonna sit here and defend that lame company.How can you people stand to drive new cars?
    You don't say what your 2010 car is but for the right price you can get a brand new car that's roomy, beautiful, solid and soulful. Really old cars smell funny. But seriously, you know it depends on the model--not the year.
    What is your new car? If you pay good money you can get a nice car but over all i agree. My 1994 F150 was so reliable and comfortable, and my current 1995 Integra is a little smaller but super reliable too. I doubt i'll ever own a new car. Go craigslist!!How can you people stand to drive new cars?